What is the domain name?


The name of your website is called Domain name. It is the address by putting this on search engines you can access the website. It is used to identify IP addresses. It’s the address of your website which identifies your website on the internet. The IP address is the series of number, it’s for the machines because the machines only understand this language but for humans, it’s difficult so for humans, there is domain name which shows you the same site which you saw by IP address. The addresses are the same, one is only in numerical and another one is in both words and numerical. Every domain name is unique and must be registered before you can use it. Domain names are including in your URL address for example –http://www.fixdnsservernotresponding.org/, the domain name is fixdnsservernotresponding.org.

Types of Domains

Each and every domain name has a suffix which shows the top level domain ( TLD ) it belongs to. There are few numbers of domains, for example:

  • .com is to be used by Commercial business,
  • .gov is to be used by Government agencies,
  • .edu is to be used by Educational institutions,
  • .org is to be used by Organization ( Non-profit ),
  • .mil is to be used by Military,
  • .net is to be used by Network Organizations,
  • .ca is used by Canada,
  • .th is used by Thailand,
  • .in is used by India,

Every web server needs DNS ( Domain Name System ) server to interpret domain names to IP addresses. Because the internet is rooted in IP addresses, not on domain names.

What is Domain Name Registration?

The process of registration of a name on the internet for a time period, mainly one year, it is called Domain Name Registration. After the time period mostly one year or one month you need to renew your domain name otherwise someone can purchase it after some time.  Domain name is your choice, what type of name you want to choose for your website, and sometimes the same name you want to purchase it already purchased by another one and every $1 domain name is unique so you can’t purchase it. Then the site where you are purchasing your domain name gives you related domains names which are available for you. The best sites for purchasing a domain name are Godaddy.com, Register.com, Ipage.com, Fatcow.com, these are the trusty and affordable sites for purchasing a domain.

What is DNS Server?


In simple words, DNS stands for Domain Name System that is a set of databases that interpret hostnames to IP address. The Definition of DNS Server is that it’s a computer server that holds a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames, in the most matter, server to settle, or interpret, those mutual names to IP addresses as solicited. They have special software and special protocols.

For example – DNS server is a translator that changes www.example.com into IP address that is

Why the need for DNS Server?

If I ask you a simple question that is what is readable and simple for you? Is it www.example.com or is it Obviously, for humans, it is easy to read example.com but for computers it is the only language which it can understand.

Can malware change DNS Server?

Always use anti-virus on your desktop or laptop. It protects your desktop from malware attacks, which changes your DNS server settings, which is absolutely something that no one wants to happen.

For example – suppose that you desktop using google DNS server and and you are using bank site where you need a login to access inside. But what happens if malware changes your server settings and by putting the same URL send you to another website which is fake and looks same and you put their your personal details like login details. The site sends all data to the scammers.

If you don’t want to be a victim then all you need to do is that first install an antivirus program which stops and block these types of malware to access your browser and be aware while you open a website, it is certified or not. The anti-virus gives you all warning before you using a website.

More Information About DNS Server

In most cases, there are two DNS servers, primary and secondary server, which is automatically configured in your desktop, when the first one is not working then the second one connect automatically. Some DNS servers are works faster than others. Sometimes we found some issues while opening a site, its because of DNS not found. There are some features found in some DNS servers like OpenDNS which redirects adult websites, gambling websites, social media websites and more illegal websites, to a “Blocked” page, but you can change it and have control on these types redirects.